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Preparatory Assembly for a Maghrébin Social Forum (Building the Maghrebin Social Forum)

January 27-29, 2006 Bouznika, Morocco
Thursday 19 January 2006 by Forum Social Maghrébin
CONTEXTE In July 2004, at the time of the second Moroccan Social Forum, the announcement of a Maghrebian Social Forum was launched by Tunisian and Moroccan representatives. This initiative was followed by a series of meetings between participants and participating organizations in Algeria, (...) > continue

World Social Forum Charter of Principles (Principles)

Thursday 5 January 2006 by Marie-Hélène Côté
The Maghrebin Social Forum (FSMagh) is part of the Regional Social Forum’s network, adopting and accepting the World Social Forum Charter of Principles. Here are the guidelines: > continue

Declaration (What is the Maghrebin Social Forum?)

Sunday 24 July 2005 by Forum Social Maghrébin
Social Forum Maghrébin the down signatory organizations, reunited in Utrecht, the Netherlands, members of the Council the International of World-wide the Social Forum, we showed our solidarity with the Council of the Social Forum of Morocco and we expressed our support to him in the efforts that (...) > continue

"the Social Forum Maghrébin in construction" (Building the Maghrebin Social Forum)

Friday 15 July 2005 by Forum Social Maghrébin
Barcelona on June 17,18, 2005 In the framework of the Mediterranean Social Forum, the CRLDHT and the FTCR organized a meeting entitled "the Social Forum Maghrébin in construction", Friday June 17 2005 of 14h with 16h30 followed by another meeting on June 18 of 12h to 14h 30. More than 90 (...) > continue

CRLDHT: For a forum Social Maghrébin (Building the Maghrebin Social Forum)

Wednesday 15 June 2005 by Forum Social Maghrébin
falling under dynamics creates by the 1st world Social Forum in Oporto alegre, the CRLDHT did not cease since working to facilitate the participation of the actors of the Tunisian social movement and the Tunisian civil company in all the committed processes on a world level, continental, (...) > continue

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